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Desert Blue

Our RTF Water Saver (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) is the newest advanced generation of Tall Fescue which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that penetrates laterally through the soil to spread the plant. Grass so advanced it was awarded a patent. RTF Water Saver uses about 30% less water.


Sod Installation

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Our 5 lbs. seed bags are available in our Desert Blend, Desert Blue, and RTF Turf Saver. Our seed is "Sod Quality" meaning its better than the seed you'll find at your local garden center. Our seed will blend perfectly with your existing lawn with overseeding or patch repairs.

Our Desert Blue is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. Kentucky Bluegrass is known for its fine blades that bring the softest feel in sod. Self repairing grass (rhizomatous) is important in a hot climate; with 100% Kentucky Bluegrass, you repair faster and evenly for a long lasting consistent look and feel.

Our Desert Hybrid is an advanced Hybrid Bermuda grass. It is not "Common Bermuda" so it does not spread by seed. Providing the highest repairability with easy containment. This hybrid grass is the most drought tolerant. Most suitable for Washington County’s transition climate.

Desert Blend

Our Desert Blend is the traditional seed blend of Tall Fescue (90%) and Kentucky Bluegrass (10%). Tall Fescue grows deeper roots for water savings during the hot months. Kentucky Bluegrass grows to repair density and quality. Together, they grow in harmony to provide drought tolerance and beauty for you to enjoy.

Red Desert Sod has a team of professional installers who can get in and get your sod installed quick and correct. Doing it right is our specialty! We'll conduct a sprinkler check to optimize your watering schedule to insure your new lawn is getting the food and water it needs to devolve deep roots.

Desert Hybrid

Our 25 lbs. bags are blended specific for Southern Utah’s desert climate and soils. Perfectly balanced between nitrogen, phosphate, and potash with slow release iron. It is the best fertilizer for your new lawn and year round use for your yard. Spread this before you install your sod. Fertilize your grass 5 times a year for perfect looking grass.

RTF Water Saver

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