RTF Water Saver

Traditional Tall Fescue

RTF Water Saver

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) is a species of turf grass that is extremely durable and dense. It creates rhizomes, which are underground stems that grow laterally through the soil to stabilize and spread the turf grass. These rhizomes stem upward to the surface while also growing new roots downward, creating new plants. The process is pretty similar to that of the Kentucky Bluegrass. However, RTF Water Saver sod differentiates itself with the ability to survive the transition zone climate with the highest repairabilty and longeveity.

Traditional Fescue

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Features & Benefits

Self-Repairing Turf 

Incredibly Durable for High Traffic

High Heat and Drought Tolerance

30% Less Water

Grows Great in Sun or Shade

Deep Root System

Adaptable to Different Soil Conditions

Rich Dark Green Color

Medium-Fine Blades

Naturally Cools your Home 

Endophyte-Enhanced to Withstand Diseases, Insects and Drought

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces Water, Chemical and Fertilizer Inputs

RTF Water Saver sod requires less overall maintenance, including over seeding and weeding